A New Reality In Sales

by | Jan 16, 2024 | Doors

Hurst Doors’ new augmented reality (AR) sales tool promises to transform door sales. We report.

According to a Google Consumer Survey, 66% of consumers are interested in using AR to assist them in making purchasing decisions. However, this is contrasted by just 1% of retailers currently employing AR as a sales tool (ThreeKit), exploiting a clear gap in the market that Hurst have capitalised upon to the benefit of their customers.

“What our customers are selling isn’t a casual purchase to the homeowner; it’s not like clothing or beauty that can easily be returned. It’s an investment in their home”, explains Hurst Doors head of marketing, Hayley Barker.

Hurst Doors head of marketing, Hayley Barker

“A lot of our customers don’t have showrooms, and we get homeowners understandably asking, ‘where can we go and see the product?’. We wanted to be able to support our customers in that sales experience, and with the appetite for immersive customer experiences increasing, the Hurst Composite Door AR Tool was born.”

It has been designed to support installers in communicating the aesthetics of a new door to the homeowner. All the homeowner needs to do is scan the QR code next to one of 12 popular composite door styles featured within the Hurst Composite Door Collection brochure. Once selected and scanned, they follow online instructions to view a three dimensional and rotatable 3D door model which they then click on to view in their physical space, in real time.

“You can literally hold your phone towards your property and see how different door styles look against your home”, explains Hayley. “It moves the retail door sales experience into a highly aspirational space.”

The homeowner can use the Hurst Composite Door AR Tool to scale the door and zoom in on the fine detail of hardware, glass and finish, as well as view their chosen door in location on their home and take a photograph.

Installing the benefits

The new immersive offering provides retail door installers with a prime opportunity to piggyback onto the growing demand for AR as a retail tool, and redefine their sales tactics, without having to invest a penny into their own marketing.

“We pride ourselves on delivering high quality products and an excellent service. That extends to our marketing support offer,” says Hayley.

“We want our customers to have all the tools they need to support them in providing their customers with the ultimate retail experience and guidance when choosing the perfect door for their property.

“We have invested in a suite of marketing tools, which already includes a new composite door brochure, which fully integrates with professionally created sales videos, and now our new augmented reality sales tool.”

An at-home showroom

The wider Hurst retail marketing toolkit optimises the end-user experience for homeowners, and makes it easier to understand the sometimes complex technical benefits that a new door can bring, through its easily accessible visuals and videos – taking the pressure of selling the benefits away from the installer.

Offered hand-in-hand with the new ‘You’re Home With Hurst’ brochure, it gives the homeowner a showroom experience, in the comfort of their own home.

The brochure features QR codes which homeowners can scan and access professionally created and presented video content to learn about the features and benefits of choosing a new Hurst composite door before using the AR tool to actually see how different door styles look on their home.

Innovation in product offering

The door styles featured in the new Hurst AR Composite Sales Tool, include options drawn from across its Classic, Cottage, Contemporary and Designer Collections.

“Not only have we invested heavily in our marketing offer to support our customers, but we’ve also expanded our product offering in order to give our customers a larger choice to secure sales”, says Hayley.

This includes Hurst’s new aluminium-inspired Designer composite collection, which taps into the demand for the aluminium aesthetic but without the heavy price tag.

And new stylish hardware and glass has also been introduced, including the Bee and Butterfly range which meets the growing homeowner interest in statement doors.

The need to evolve

“Homeowners want a different sales experience”, says Hayley. “It’s about design, how their new door delivers technically, but also understanding how it will deliver kerb appeal and contribute to the over-arching aesthetic of their home.

“The new Hurst Composite Door AR Tool, supports that process, generating a genuine USP for our customers, but combined with our new brochure, QR code videos and wider consumer resources, supports homeowners in making an informed choice and a purchase that they’ll love for years to come.”



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