A Solution To Unusual Bay Window Angles, Says Window Widgets

by | Feb 14, 2024 | Accessories

Window Widgets boast a perfect solution for both common and unusual bay window angles with their extensive baypole range

One of the leading manufacturers in glazing solutions for the fenestration industry, Window Widgets manufactures a wide range of baypoles for fitting bay windows of all different angles. The baypoles range accommodates 58mm to76mm deep frames as well as covering a range of angles. Not only do they offer the most common angles, they offer a solution to the unusual ones too.

Most products within the range can also be used universally, not just with the one brand, however Window Widgets manufacture more than 1,400 product variants across a choice of 36 colourways, many that can be used alongside the baypoles.

A vast majority of the baypoles are load bearing and accommodate a jack, meaning if a Window Widgets jack is used in conjunction with the baypole it ensures you are fully CE Mark compliant, according to the company.

Sarah Hitchings, sales and marketing director at Window Widgets, said: “At Window Widgets, we are proud of our extensive selection of Baypoles. Our commitment lies with developing products that cater to all the needs of fabricators and installers, irrespective of the window systems they work with.

“Window Widgets’ development of a diverse range of baypoles ensures that the fenestration industry has a versatile product available. As a leading ancillary firm, we stand as a formidable competitor in the market.”


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