A word of warning to all those fitting solid conservatory roofs: don’t put your reputation on the line

by | Mar 11, 2014 | Conservatories

Solid conservatory roofs are a booming market sector and more and more installers are seeing the benefits of adding them to their portfolios. But Paul Saltis, Director of Connaught Conservatory Roofs, has a word of warning for anyone thinking of adding solid roofs to their portfolio. “Do your research. It seems like a simple addition that adds instant value to your bottom line and it can be exactly that. But choose badly and you could end up doing lasting damage to your reputation and your business.”

Solid conservatory roofs require Building Regulations approval, so there’s an additional level of paperwork involved. The only solid roof on the market with LABC approval is the Guardian Roof. To help make installers lives even easier, Connaught has partnered with Rotherham Building Control to provide a fixed cost approval service on installations of the Guardian Roof, available to all installers nationwide for £300 + VAT, fast tracking the approval process and making it straightforward.

Paul also warns installers against overcladding systems, especially where the original conservatory is overclad with tiles and underclad with plasterboard. He explains, “These systems are structurally unproven and will suffer with condensation, creating a danger to health as a result of mould growth and possible collapse due to overloading the structure. At best, the end result is a space that isn’t as attractive or useable as the homeowner had expected. At worst, they’re left with a conservatory that’s downright dangerous.” In short, a poor choice of solid roof and fabrication partner could mean an installer runs the risk of doing damage to his reputation rather than enhancing it.

Connaught Conservatory Roofs offers an exceptional level of conservatory roof expertise so installers can be sure that a solid conservatory roof will add genuine value to their portfolio and enhance their reputation. Paul says, “As well as the LABC approval package we can give installers the reassurance of an in-house structural engineer who can ensure the structural integrity of more complicated designs including the use of bi-folds that are becoming increasingly popular. Installers can also work with us to become a Team Guardian partner, a scheme that allows homeowners to verify registered installers, and prevent companies falsely claiming to supply Guardian Roofs.”

It’s hardly surprising that so many installers are adding solid conservatory roofs to their portfolios. Estimates suggest that there are over three million households with conservatories that could benefit from a solid conservatory roof. This might be because they’re north-facing and unusable in winter or south-facing and unusable in summer: a solid conservatory roof turns it into a year-round room that enhances living space. But as Paul says, it’s important to choose a roof that can add genuine value. The Guardian Roof does exactly that, plus in Connaught you have a partner that has all the expertise you need to ensure that you won’t be doing your business more harm than good.


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