Assurance Certification Launched by Kolorseal Ltd

by | May 15, 2024 | Trade News

Colour coating specialist Kolorseal Ltd is introducing a new Quality Assurance Certificate for customers to pass onto the end user which will add further substantiation to the company’s existing 10 year quality guarantees.

The launch of the Certificate of Authenticity takes guarantees to the next level for the homeowners as it reinforces the high standards associated with Kolorseal and by association its customers, according to the company.

Deborah Hendry, managing director, Kolorseal comments, “Today, people have very high expectations when it comes to modernising their homes. Equally, when it comes to selling properties, homeowners are looking for advantages and assurance certification really helps.”

Deborah continues, “Whether it is for an internal or external appearance on a window or door, or a roofline product that requires matching, it is important for consumers to feel reassured.  As a brand Kolorseal is recognised for its quality, however it’s important for homeowners to know that when choosing their ideal colour it will mean something.

The Assurance Certificate from Kolorseal will give added peace of mind alongside our existing guarantees.  This gives the whole chain from fabricator, to installer and on to the end user more confidence when making colour choices.” 


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