AT Precision: “Turn Bi-Fold Dreams Into Profitable Realities”

by | Feb 13, 2024 | Hardware

Image Above:  AT Precision’s Everglide range of bi-fold hardware

In the fast-paced world of bi-fold doors, where sleek design meets functional brilliance, profit margins can be extremely delicate.

Yet, for many fabricators, the allure of booming installations often clashes with the harsh reality of squeezed margins, compatibility headaches, and slow assembly times.

This is where AT Precision enters the scene, who says it is not just as a hardware supplier, but a ROI ‘revolutionising powerhouse’.

Everglide aluminium profile

According to AT Precision, gone are the days of struggling to squeeze a decent profit from bi-fold projects. AT Precision’s in-house manufacturing eliminates compatibility nightmares – their Everglide range of bi-fold hardware is manufactured with streamlined processes, and their competitive pricing efficiently cuts through inflated costs.

But AT Precision goes beyond just hardware. Their Everseal range of gaskets offers high-performance seals, keeping draughts and dust at bay while ensuring exceptional thermal insulation, says the company.

And to complete the package, AT Precision offers their own Everglide aluminium profile. This sturdy yet lightweight material is claimed to provide the perfect foundation for bi-folds, ensuring strength, durability, and a sleek, contemporary aesthetic.

Sales Director Michael Hewitt explains: “Our goal at AT Precision has always been complete customer satisfaction, and we achieve this in several ways – the first being seamless integration and high-quality hardware that slash material waste and eliminate time-consuming adjustments, boosting profit margins.

“With us, you can also say goodbye to the days of lengthy manufacturing processes – our efficient components significantly cut production times, freeing up your team for more projects and unlocking your revenue potential.

“Finally, by coming to AT Precision for your hardware needs means you no longer have to deal with the inflated prices of big systems companies – our commitment to cutting out the middleman translates to huge savings for our customers, giving their end profits a healthy boost.”

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