Being Ready

Selling readiness will be the answer when selling smart windows and doors. This will be the key message being pushed by Smart Ready® in its talk entitled ‘Being Ready’, which will take place in the FIT Show’s Discovery Theatre at 2.30pm on Wednesday.

Gemma Zeiderman, Consumer Appeal Director at Smart Ready® and main speaker at the seminar explains: “There’s no doubt the world is getting smarter, but a different approach is needed to sell smart. Some consumers will make their windows or doors smart today. I am sure others would like an option to switch at some point in the future. So, not being ready for both consumers doesn’t make good sense. The TV industry saw this.

“The ‘being ready’ marketing phenomenon is firmly stuck in the minds of millions of consumers. HD Ready for TV started it some years back. Just as TVs are all now sold HD Ready, doors and windows will all soon be sold as standard Smart Ready®. If you’re not selling Smart Ready® my prediction is you won’t be selling at all. Being ready will be important to you. It’s a seminar not to be missed.

“Of course, if visitors need any more information, or can’t make the seminar, they can find out more about Smart Ready® and see live demonstrations of Smart Ready® systems on stand M20.”

Guest speaker and Smart Ready® Advisory Panel member, Alan Burgess from Masterframe, the well-known Heritage window supplier, will be offering his own perspective on the relevance of modern technology in the Heritage sector.

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