Big Response To First Fusion Quad Welder Installed By Emmegi

by | May 14, 2021 | Machinery

The video of Emmegi’s striking new Fusion 4H PVC-U Quad Welder being installed at O’Grady UPVC’s factory in Kiltormer, Galway has already been viewed almost 5000 times on LinkedIn, demonstrating the level of interest which exists right across the market in this innovative, automatically adjustable, fully digital CNC machine.

This is the first installation carried out in Ireland of a machine which made its debut at the FIT Show in 2019. What is generating the biggest response is the quality of the finish that the machine is producing, with reduced cycle times and a weld restriction adjustable from 0.2 to 2mm depending on the top and bottom profile colour.

The team at O’Grady UPVC had seen the horizontal welding machine at the FIT Show and felt that the quality of the weld and the flexibility and speed it offered would enhance their operation.

The Fusion offers manual loading and automatic unloading and a fully programmable, variable cycle to carry out the heating and welding automatically. Built-in bright green LEDs on the welder heads show the status of the machine at any given moment and cycle to alert the operator of any actions required.

There is full digital control of the axis and exceptional precision in the welding head movements. This allows for incremental adjustment of the counterblocks to deliver weld restrictions down to 0.2mm, simplifying and shortening the subsequent machining cycle.

Alan O’Grady of O’Grady UPVC is confident that he will see a quick return on this investment. He said: “We used a vertical quad welder previously which we were relatively happy with, but the horizontal Fusion is already giving us a better finish on the frames, a quicker production time and absolutely no compromise on the weld strength. It will definitely give us faster throughput and improved efficiency.”

The installation of the Fusion was carried out by Emmegi’s own specialist engineers in Ireland and ran smoothly and safely in line with the Covid restrictions which are still in place in Ireland.

Looking ahead, O’Grady UPVC will continue to promote the quality of its NSAI WEP accredited windows and doors to trade and domestic customers throughout the west of Ireland.

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