Bison Embraces Aluminium With Warmcore

Fabricator Bison Frames has just launched Bison Aluminium with the WarmCore Folding Sliding Door. Mark Tetley, Director of Bison, says, “We’ve been looking for the right product to manufacture and step into the aluminium market place for a couple of years now and our patience has been rewarded. WarmCore is a truly innovative system that has raised the bar so high that it will set the standard for many years to come. WarmCore definitely signals the rebirth of aluminium doors and windows and we are proud to say that we now manufacture this product”.

Designed from scratch, prototyped, tooled, trial installed and meticulously tested prior to launch by one of the industry’s largest and trusted system manufacturers, the WarmCore Aluminium Folding Sliding Door is set to follow in the footsteps of Bison’s successful Genesis VS – a benchmark for the vertical slider market over the past few years.

The WarmCore Aluminium Folding Sliding Door stands out from the crowd with its premium quality finish, structural integrity and architectural elegance that the market demands from quality aluminium products. Available in any combination of 4 colours, white, grey, black and cream from stock, dual colours are not an issue with WarmCore and are readily available on sensible, standard lead-times.

Another big difference is the use of WarmCore technology which means that, using standard double glazing, the door comfortably achieves a U value of 1.5 and U values as low as 1.0 using 44mm triple glazing.

The WarmCore Aluminium Folding Sliding Door is enhanced by features that ensure exceptional weather tightness. The leaves are triple sealed with contact weather-strip gaskets to eradicate draughts and offer best-in-class performance. Unique gasket corner mouldings use a push-fit design to neatly and positively couple straight-cut gasket lengths for easy application, while avoiding the need to overrun gaskets to fill gaps between sashes.

To complete the package of benefits, the WarmCore door is PAS24 and Secured by Design compatible as standard, providing peace of mind for end users.

Bison says the WarmCore door delivers aluminium elegance with PVCu performance and is the perfect solution for both residential and commercial building applications.