Bohle Announces Major Upgrade To Veribor Manual Suction Lifters

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Handling & Storage

Bohle has announced that it has enhanced the performance and increased the service life of its popular Veribor BO 601 and 601G pump activated hand suction lifters.

Designed to make the manual handling of glass and sheet materials, safer and easier, the latest upgrades to the Veribor product line are the result of ongoing R&D from Bohle, which included feedback from a customer group that was set up to provide analysis on how the products performed in real life situations.

The results have delivered a number of enhancements, including faster suction and release times, greater resistance to dirt and dust to help ensure a longer service life and the addition of a protective ‘bumper’ to defend against damage, for instance from sharp glass edges.

The new design features, which include wider gaps between the sealing lips that help to stabilise the outer edge of the rubber suction disc, also improve the efficiency of the Veribor lifters on non-glass surfaces, such as stone or metal.

The Veribor 601 and 601G lifters are suitable for load capacities of up to 120kg and feature a high visibility vacuum gauge. This is designed to prevent injuries and damage that could occur from any loss of pressure, by giving users a clear indication of the strength of the vacuum and suitability for lifting.

Bohle’s Veribor suction lifters are also designed to have a minimum 2:1 safety margin to reflect real world usage and are rigorously tested by TÜV.

An independent test accreditation, the TÜV GS mark means all relevant Veribor products meet the stringent quality and safety requirements set out in the German Product Safety Act, which is recognised internationally as setting the benchmark in safety testing.

Dave Broxton, Managing Director, Bohle, commented: “When manually positioning glass, you need absolute confidence that your equipment is up to the task in hand. If that equipment fails, then there’s the obvious risk to reputation and the cost of replacing damaged product – but when it comes to the risk to health and safety, a poor piece of equipment is worse than no equipment at all. The Health and Safety at Work Act states that employers are ultimately responsible for ensuring employees and members of the public are kept safe as far as reasonably practicable, and this includes from risks presented by hand tools and work equipment.

“The Veribor pump-activated suction lifters are among Bohle’s best-selling product lines and that success is down to the fact that our customers trust them, knowing they can do the job they are designed to do,” he concluded.

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