Bohle develops innovative handling aid

by | Mar 11, 2014 | Handling & Storage

The tendency towards increasingly larger glass constructions in architecture and the growing usage of 2 gap insulating glasses pose new challenges for glass processors and assemblers: Elements which could previously be moved by two people have now become so heavy that they can hardly be transported manually on site or within company premises any longer. With the LiftMaster B2 Bohle has now developed an innovative handling and mounting aid which can easily and safely move elements of up to 320 kg and a maximum width of 3.80 m like glass panes, window elements and metal or stone sheets – by only one person.

smallLiftMasterThe LiftMaster B2 is designed for connection to a standard vacuum lifting system like Wood´s Powr Grip MRT4 (BO W32DA4). The device disposes of a quick coupling system which assures an easy transfer of the lifting system including its load to or from a crane without additional tools required. Due to further application possibilities, the LiftMaster B2 is a device of universal use – both inside the company and on site: Not only is front and lateral loading and transfer of structural elements to vehicles, transport racks or processing machines possible but also the safe transport within company premises and the exact positioning of the elements at their final destination on site.

The length of the transport carriage can be adjusted from 1700 mm up to 2560 mm and can in this way be suited to different application requirements. The reduced total width of 800 mm allows passing standard doorways without problems.  The upper rack positions can be increased from 2000 mm to 2200 mm through an optional rack extension.

Thanks to its intelligent construction, the LiftMaster B2 can conveniently be transported to external application locations: The device can be disassembled in a few easy steps so that it easily fits into a standard delivery van, also with internal transport rack.


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