Bohle Fittings Integral To Design And Installation Process At Stowmarket Glass Company

by | Jul 15, 2021 | Glass & Glazing

Stowmarket Glass Company has completed a bespoke, frameless shower installation at a residential property in Diss, Norfolk, using Bilbao Premium HD shower fittings from glass consumables specialist, Bohle.

The installation incorporated 8mm toughened glass, which was cut and processed in house at Stowmarket, and finished using Bohle’s Duplocoll adhesive tape to perfectly seal the gap between glass and tiles.

Offering a near invisible sealing solution, Duplocoll is a specially formulated adhesive tape that offers significant time and cost savings compared to traditional silicone. Suitable for a range of materials, including glass, ceramic and aluminium, once applied, it chemically bonds to the surface to prevent water ingress and mould.

Stowmarket Glass MD, Luke Browes, commented: “We use Bohle as a go to supplier for all our work. There are cheaper products on the market but the price difference is not massive – and the quality that you get with Bohle’s fittings is significantly better.

“They are absolutely integral to our product and service offer,” he continued. “We offer a completely bespoke, design to installation service for our frameless showers. Space in bathrooms can be limited, we’re often required to come up with complicated solutions to fit around awkward angles or low ceilings.

“That begins by taking precise, digital measurements of the space that we are working with, which are inputted into our Smart Builder configurator that is pre-populated with all of Bohle’s products, including their specific tolerances.

“We are then able to process these dimensions with exceptional accuracy, generating a variety of 3D design and pricing options that we can present to our customers. Once finalised, we create CAD designs for the glass, which we can process and cut to shape in-house.

“All our bespoke designs are pre-assembled in the factory, for quality control and to ensure the ease and accuracy of installation once on site, which in this instance, was completed by a single fitter in around 1.5 hours” concluded Luke.

“Bohle’s products play an essential part in our business. The quality of design means that we can trust them to perform faultlessly, every time.”

Stowmarket Glass Company has been designing, supplying and installing high quality glass products to customers across Suffolk and East Anglia for more than 30 years. It offers a comprehensive range of Juliet balconies, frameless glass screens and balustrades, bespoke shower enclosures and glazing services.

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