Building Customer Trust With Onsite 7

by | Sep 28, 2021 | Software

Onsite 7 says its job management system has rapidly developed a reputation for being the most user-friendly and comprehensive on the market today. But according to the company, many installers are also reporting other benefits beyond the job management system. One of these is the professional polish it gives a business and how it helps to build consumer trust.

Rhys Hoddinott, CEO at Onsite 7, comments: “We designed Onsite 7 to help installers manage their fitting teams, customers and jobs effortlessly. It’s fantastic to hear how it’s delivering these crucial functions but also adding even more benefits beyond that.”

Onsite 7 holds details on every stage of a job: sales, survey, installation, and service and maintenance. It can also be used as a Customer Relationship Management system, allowing all customer details, documents, notes and job information to be stored in a single place. And because all the information is held on the cloud, it can be accessed anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Rhys explains why this helps to create a professional polish: “Installers can pull up every piece of information about a customer’s job in an instant whether they’re in the office or on the customer’s premises. As a consumer, it’s very reassuring to have the sense that your installer has got everything to hand and in doing so, creates a premium experience. In addition, consumers are often investing thousands of pounds when they purchase fenestration products and it’s little things like professional job management software that elevate the experience for a further level of professional reassurance.”

Alongside the customer-facing information, Onsite 7 also helps installers get valuable insight into their business. Features include end-to-end supply chain accountability to help installers keep track of their orders, reports, including job costing and profit reports and integration with Xero and QuickBooks accountancy packages.

It’s been designed to be easy-to-use and can be tailored to meet precise requirements so it can reflect an installer’s unique workflow. Rhys concludes: “We are increasingly seeing that Onsite 7 adds value to every area of an installer’s business. It’s a simple but powerful business solution.”


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