Working in the Glass and Glazing Industry for many years on various publications and seeing how the media has changed and developed through that time gave me a unique perspective on the media within the market as a whole.  It seemed a natural progression to create an internet based magazine for the industry.  

You cannot fail to notice the pace of change within the whole media market, which has been driven by the Internet, as well as the new devices that are being used to view the web.  As mobile devices are now part of most people’s lives it seemed obvious that creating an online magazine for the industry would be an advantage, allowing people to read the latest news wherever they may be. People have become

accustomed to instantaneous information, so the question then was what form should it take? Website, e-mail newsletter or social media.  Individuals within the industry have different ideas on how they prefer to access news and information, so the simple option was to design a media platform that suited all three. Window News has been produced to specifically cater for those differing preferences.

Our mission is to be the source of authoritative news, new products, features and industry resources. Window News provides the perfect platform for suppliers to promote new products, brand awareness and technical innovations to our highly targeted readership.

Gerald Batt