Continuous Innovation From PST

by | Jul 9, 2024 | Software

Production Software Technology (PST), a leader in cutting-edge software solutions, has announced the louvre as the latest addition to its ever-expanding model range across their vsHome software. According to PST, this new model demonstrates PST’s continuous commitment to innovation and improvement, ensuring its users always have access to the most advanced tools in the industry.

At PST, progress is said to be viewed as a never-ending journey, with the team constantly working to push the boundaries of what the software can achieve. With regular updates and new model releases, PST strives to meet the evolving needs of its clients and the industry.

PST’s new model addition is available in a range of colours and for added flexibility, there is also an option to specify a custom colour. The louvre canopies can be tailored to your needs with features such as intermediate beams, fixed panels and the choice between clockwise and anticlockwise blade rotation.

Managing director Neil Travers comments: “Given the rising popularity of louvre models for outdoor living and in response to customer feedback, introducing this model was a natural and exciting next step. All of our models in vsHome, including the Louvre, work seamlessly with our vsHome AR App which allows customers to visualise their projects in augmented reality.”


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