Customer Relationships Central To Ground-Breaking Supplier

Since purchasing CentralRPL two years ago, Gary Morton CEO of BoingBoing Group and his team have been working hard to align the operations and product portfolio of the Midlands based fabricator. Recently completing a full system move to Optima, CentralRPL is poised to become one of the UKs leading PVCu trade fabricators by breaking the traditional supplier mould.

“Starting on a foundation of experience and strong customer relations, our overriding objective was to energise the business by streamlining operations, strengthening our team and enhancing our product portfolio,” comments Gary Morton. “I’m a strong believer that people buy from people. Understanding our customer base, and the wider market, has enabled us to take the business forward to a position where we are offering a portfolio that is innovative and full, without question on quality, efficiency and service.

“As a supplier, we aim for convenience for our customers, with online ordering and instant quotations, 5-day lead times and a true ‘one stop shop’ to meet all their needs.

But it goes beyond that: In my experience, Fabricators, or any other supplier for that matter, will always go further when they break the mould of the straight forward supplier/customer relationship. Aside from product, offering advice, business, marketing and sales support obviously gives the customer more incentive to remain loyal. Many companies say they offer support over and above the norm, but when the customer really feels the sense of camaraderie and finds it making a difference to their day to day business, you know you’re doing something right. This is exactly what installers can expect from CentralRPL, now and in the future.

“Visit our website:, or call Martyn Elwell on 0121 500 0505 to find out more.”