Dear Gerald,

SAFER Bi-Folding Door Deliveries

Handling and moving big, heavy and cumbersome Aluminium Bi-folding doors is not a task you would expect just anyone to do, but this is something the Window & Door industry has turned a blind eye to for many years. In reality, handling a large door off a delivery vehicle is fraught with danger …an accident waiting to happen ….out of sight ..out of mind. The industry seems to just expect the driver to deal with offloading on site himself and this is a worry.

This is a question we at Made for Trade have grappled with for years and although we have done everything possible to ensure our driver safety, accidents could happen. It only takes one serious accident for the Health & Safety Executive to be all over it and have ongoing consequences for the industry as a whole, and when our insurers get hold of it you can be sure they will demand stricter Risk Assessments and higher premiums.

Think about it…we always request that the customer has people in attendance to receive a Bi-fold door delivery but if that is a private residence then it might just be an old lady, so what does the driver do …he struggles…helps when he shouldn’t and a lost time accident beckons.

With the ever increasing volumes of Aluminium Bi-folding door sales, the decision was taken to add 12 new delivery vehicles to our fleet and with it we set our engineering department the design task of improving delivery safety. The result is greatly improved safety for drivers and customers peppered with some relief. All deliveries are lifted off our vehicles automatically with our custom designed hoist ensuring delivering the door safely to ground level.

SAFETY in the industry I believe is taken very seriously but fully assembled Bi fold deliveries seem to have been forgotten about.

Some companies deliver Bi fold doors as a kit , separate panels with the outer frame to assemble together on site, which entails a great deal of time and potential hassle on site for a skilled installer because all the parts have to be fitted together during the erection process. Made for Trade, like most in the industry, deliver completely assembled doors which are quicker and less dependent on skilled tradesmen to install, hence the importance of safe handling of a delivered door to site. Made for Trade now offer safer delivery options but the safe delivery of an assembled Bi fold door to site, I think, needs addressing by the industry as a whole.


Richard Gaunt

Made for Trade