Dear Gerald

4th August 2014

Dear Gerald

Approved installer schemes and networks have fallen in and out of fashion. But recently a number of Syscos have launched new schemes.

The industry likes its badges, for sure. But the word ‘approved’ seems patronising to me. Who are Syscos to ‘approve’ fabricators and installers?

And what do members get from such schemes? In my view, not a lot. Most over promise and under deliver.

Members get a badge to stick on their vans and website, some POS and a branded brochure that’s the same as their competitors. Some let members add their details on the back. Others promise leads for members to fight over with their competitors.

How does that help them stand out and sell? It doesn’t, if we’re honest.

In contrast, Deceuninck will not have an approved fabricator-installer scheme or network. Deceuninck’s strategy is to help fabricators and installers stand on their own feet with products that stand out, and help them sell using sales aids built around their own brands.

We give them tools to generate their own leads, not share leads with rivals. That’s why we created the Deceuninck MyBrand marketing suite, so companies can choose the level of personalisation they want using their own brand, colour scheme, photographs, copy and products so there is no possibility of them competing with anyone using the same POS.

Our customers say Deceuninck is more than a supplier, because we partner customers to help them build their own business.

Yours sincerely

Rob McGlennon

Deceuninck Sales Director