Demand For Replacement Conservatory Roofs Strong As Consumer Confidence Holds Up

Image Above: Andy Royle, Leads2trade Director

Leads2trade, the home improvement lead generation business, has reported a recent increase in replacement conservatory roof enquiries from consumers.

Leads2trade launched this service last year in response to the booming replacement roof market and it proved to be an instant hit with both consumers and its trade customers.

This year, Leads2trade has generated 4,000 replacement roof leads, with the bulk of consumer enquiries coming in through the months of May and September – when demand for conservatories is historically higher.

The figure is up 30% on the same trading period last year and has contributed to strong lead generation volumes for the firm in 2016.

Many enquiries received were to replace old polycarbonate roofs for a solid tile roof.

Leads2trade Director Andy Royle, attributes the growth to consumer desire to invest in their homes.

Andy comments: “Homeowners want to invest in their homes and one of the main areas of improvement is conservatories. The replacement roof market is doing particularly well as consumers look to upgrade their old polycarbonate and glass roofs to solid tile.

“Homeowners want a seamless transition between home and conservatory and solid tile roofs lend the look of an extension rather than an add-on. They also offer additional benefits over polycarbonate and glass such as superior thermal performance and the ability to colour match tiles to a house’s roof tiles.”

Leads2trade’s growth has been reflected by Sentinel Solid Roofs, a specialist solid tile roof manufacturer and valued customer.

Sentinel is a long-standing Leads2trade customer.

Its Managing Director Bob Lilley comments: “Whilst they will never be made obsolete, over the last 15 years more than 70% of the glass roof market has gone. Homeowners want lifestyle rooms such as orangeries and extensions with lantern roofs and most glass roofs don’t offer adequate performance, leaving a room too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. This has led to the growth of the solid roof market, and as part of this we have seen demand for our solid tile roofs increasing.”

In-line with rising demand for its replacement conservatory roof service, Leads2trade has launched two new websites where homeowners can register to find a tradesman to carry out roof replacements.

Leads2trade generate thousands of leads per month for companies operating in the home improvement market; with the core sectors including windows doors and conservatories, solar and heating and plumbing.

These leads are then double qualified by Leads2trade’s in-house call centre and passed onto members of its popular Trusted Local Supplier network, in postcodes of their choice.

“As well as the obvious benefit of increased business for our members, the rise in enquiries for replacement conservatory roofs shows that consumer spending is strong and confidence is still high in the economy – which is good news for all businesses across the industry.” concludes Andy.

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