Demonstrate The Best Of Both Worlds With Aluwood’s Retail Brochure

To help fabricators and joiners show the beauty and benefits of aluminium clad timber windows and doors, AluWood has created a striking retail brochure.

Packed with information about the window and door styles, energy efficiency and hardware, the new brochure has everything there is to know about AluWood windows and doors.

“For fabricators and joiners who want to add AluWood to their range, they can use our new 8-page retail brochure to help them win more sales,” says Callum Grant, Commercial Director, AluWood Windows Ltd.

“The aluminium clad timber window market is growing. There’s a demand for windows and doors that have a stylish look and high-quality performance. We’ve launched the retail brochure to help fabricators and joiners show how great AluWood windows and doors look when fitted, and so they can give information to customers about design options and energy efficiency.”

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