Digitize And Automate Your Business Processes In Any Configuration Imaginable!

Business Pilot has added a highly innovative Status Progression to its cloud-based CRM and business management tool, empowering installation companies to map their processes, set tasks and instantly track progress.

The product of a year-long development programme, the new Business Pilot Status Progression Tool, gives installers complete flexibility to digitize their operational processes in ‘pipelines’, assigning actions or ‘tasks’ to complete before moving forward to the next step in delivery.

Offering instant visibility on the status of each pipeline, it guarantees that each process is followed accurately and that nothing is missed, bringing a consistent approach to the management and actioning of each lead or job.

With complete flexibility to introduce automation of process, for example creating and sending templated emails or quotes, prompting follow-ups, scheduling jobs and requesting payments, the Business Pilot Status Progression Tool, also slashes the time swallowed up in repeated tasks and administration.

Elton Boocock

Elton Boocock, Managing Director, Business Pilot, said: “Status Progression, gives installers the ability to digitize the processes that they have for managing leads to point of contract, or contract to delivery.

“It can be whatever they want or need it to be. The big difference is that everyone in their organisation is singing off the same hymn sheet.

With prompts and checks and providing instant visibility as to where you are in that process you build your processes and pipelines around the way that you want to work – not how your CRM says you should.

“Whatever you want your process and tasks to be, they can be! You can also see who is doing what and when, guaranteeing that your team approach each and every process or job consistently, improving your service to the end-user.”

The capability is claimed to be unique to Business Pilot in the window and door sector and according to the CRM and business management platform, will revolutionise the way its customers’ run their businesses.

In its most basic form the Status Progression is built around three elements, the ‘Pipeline’ or process – what you need to do to get from ‘A’ to ‘B’, for example lead to sale or the scheduling of an installation; ‘Status’, where you are in that process; and ‘Tasks’, if and what, you need to do before moving on the next step in the process or pipeline.

Supporting automation of tasks, it also includes controls and checks, which ensure that users complete tasks before progressing to the next stage in the pipeline.

Every status change or task completed as part of a pipeline or process, is also recorded, providing a complete record of who did what and when as part of that process.

“With automation of tasks, the Business Pilot Status Progression Tool also allows your teams to work more efficiently, for example, more than halving the time involved in converting a lead to contract status” Elton explains.

He concludes: “You define what you need, set your team the tasks that need to completed to deliver that process, and automate as many of those actions that can be, along the way. It saves time, money but perhaps most importantly, the Status Progress brings new consistency to your operations.”

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