Distinction Doors Launches New Glass Designs

by | Nov 16, 2023 | Glass & Glazing

Image Above: Chatsworth

Distinction Doors has introduced two new decorative glass designs, Chatsworth and Wentworth.

Both styles combine satin glass with clear detailing.  Wentworth features a 25mm wide clear border around a satin centre, while Chatsworth has a 7mm clear pencil border inset 25mm from the satin edge.


The classic designs mean they complement many of the company’s popular door styles.  They are available in sizes to fit the complete nxt-gen range and Signature equivalents, and as long glass panels for the 6P contemporary door styles.

The easy-clean satin finish obscures vision offering homeowners a high level of privacy while affording excellent light transmission so homeowners can enjoy their privacy without compromising on light.  The composition of each glazed unit – laminated, low-E and double glazed – means they both offer excellent thermal performance particularly when fitted into a thermally efficient Distinction door, claims the company.

Commenting on the launch, marketing executive Emma Fowlds said: “Since launching the Distinction decorative glass range in 2016 customer demand has risen exponentially.  Our glass is valued for its quality, the wide variety of designs, and its performance.

“Today, glazing is one of three core services in our fully prepped offering, alongside prep and paint, and we enjoy strong sales across the range.   Our customers appreciate our stockholding, knowing they can rely on the availability of Distinction decorative glass.

“These two new designs meet a demand for clean, simple and contemporary glass styles that are fuss-free and maximise light.  They are proof of our commitment to deliver customer satisfaction and give homeowners more of what they want.”

Both glazing options will be available to order soon from the Distinction Doors customer portal.


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