Don’t Let The Winter Weather Affect Your Bottom Line

For many installers, the onset of winter means an increase in callouts as a result of failing hardware. Zinc-based hardware will start to fail sooner or later because the damp weather we experience in winter speeds up the corrosion process. But rather than accept corrosion as a fact of life, the Trojan Group developed a solution: stainless steel hardware. Trojan claim the range has taken the market by storm and sales have risen by over 300% in the past two years.

Tony Chadwick, Trojan’s Group Managing Director, says, “Failing hardware as a result of corrosion was becoming an increasing problem in the industry. Returning to replace hardware has a direct effect on an installer’s bottom line, so needs to be avoided wherever possible. Stainless steel hardware solves the problem because of its corrosion-resistant properties. We are so confident in the fit and forget qualities of our stainless steel door hardware range that all products come with a 25 year anti corrosion guarantee as standard.”

Trojan’s stainless steel range includes hinges, door handles and letterplates.  Each of these is available at three price points so there is a stainless steel product for every project budget. It also includes door knockers, door numbers and numerals, an escutcheon, a T-bar pull handle and a central door knob. All products are available in Polished Gold (PVD), Brushed Gold (PVD), Polished Stainless, Brushed Stainless and White or black powder coated over stainless, offering a perfectly suited solution.