DoorCo Launch Slate and Agate as Standard Colours For Original and Flip Designs

by | Nov 15, 2023 | Colour, Paints & foils

In their latest Innovation Week launch, DoorCo tell customers of the popular Original and Flip designs that will be available in Slate and Agate as standard colours from January 2024.

Now responsible for Paint within the business, newly appointed supply chain manager Ian Donohue tells us about the new additions.

“After reviewing the data of the most popular colours over the last 12-18 months, it was clear to see that outside of our current standard shades, Slate and Agate were the best-sellers by a mile.

At present, these shades are considered a premium shade and come under our usual paint charge. However, as of January, we will be releasing some of the most popular designs within Flip and Original in Slate and Agate as standard colours, therefore no longer being applicable to the paint charge.”

Within the Original range, we will be releasing the following in Slate: 6 Panel/4 Panel Combination, Flush Solid, 6 Panel/4 Panel Combination door, 4 Panel Pre App, Eaton, Farmhouse Solid, Monza II Solid, and our new flush side lites.  The following will also be available in Agate: 6 Panel/4 Panel Combination door, 4 Panel Pre App, Eaton, Farmhouse Solid, Monza II Solid, and our new flush side lites.

As for FLiP, the following cassettes will all be available in both Slate and Agate: Twin Vertical, Twin Square to Round, Twin Eyebrow, Twin Top, Mid Panel, Half Glazed, 4 Lite Half Glazed, 9 Lite Half Glazed, Half Glazed Round Top, 11 Lite Half Glazed Round Top, Augusta Long (Flat Grain), Square (Standard and Flat Grain), Augusta (Flat Grain), Oakmont (Flat Grain), Merion and 4 Lite Merion.

Continuing on the reasons for the change, Ian tells us “Our end goal as a business is to always make everything as accessible as possible for our customers, so they can do the same for theirs.

By making the most popular styles of Original and Flip available as standard in two of our best-selling colours and therefore removing the additional cost, not only have we made it more affordable to offer these best-sellers to homeowners, we have also reduced the lead times on the prepping of these two popular colours by moving them from our painted lead time of 9 days to our standard lead time of 7 days delivered.”

“Alongside this, the benefits of this change, along with our other innovations, is also done for the benefit of our distribution customer base. By being able to remove the paint charge from Slate and Agate’s best-selling designs, we give our distribution customers the opportunity to review their offering and ensure they’re giving their customer base the best value possible too.”

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