Double R Introduces Guardian Solstice

Double R Glass & Roofing Systems Ltd prides itself on its pioneering approach. It’s often the first to bring new products to market or invest in new pieces of machinery – all in the name of keeping customers ahead of the competition. The company says it is now pleased to announce its latest offering in the form of the new Guardian Solstice Skylight System – stunning built-in roof lights in the Guardian Warm Roof.

“As soon as Guardian showed us the new product, we knew we would be adding it to our portfolio immediately,” says Ian Sims, Managing Director of Double R, “because we like to be among the first, but also because we could see the huge potential for the product in today’s market. It’s completely on target for the increasing demand for more grand design style features from the more discerning homeowner. We showed the product to customers shortly after its launch to market and we’ve seen fantastic uptake for it already.

“The Solstice Skylight System is flexible and robust and proving immensely popular with homeowners. The ability to allow more natural light into the space, while keeping all the insulating benefits of a solid roof, make this a great proposition for installers to offer on new conservatories or as a replacement roof on an existing conservatory. The stylish, innovative solution offers homeowners a flush fitting rooflight that is a cost-effective alternative to conventional rooflights, with an outstanding end-result.

“We have an excellent working relationship with Guardian because like us they are continuously looking for ways to do things better. We are thrilled to be supplying this latest innovation to help keep our customers ahead of the competition.”

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