Eurocell Launches New England-Style Lightweight Composite Cladding

Eurocell is bringing a touch of the American East Coast to these shores with the launch of Coastline, a New England-style lightweight composite cladding range.

Made from an innovative patent-pending composite material, Coastline can transform the appearance of a property and add up to 10-years of guaranteed weatherproof performance thanks to its unique composite formulation: it offers minimal contraction and expansion whatever the weather conditions, come frost, rain or shine.

Furthermore, it doesn’t just protect and preserve the fabric of the building – it does it in true style, with a range of six attractive New England colours: Anthracite Grey, Moondust Grey, Pigeon Blue, Oyster White, Soft Green and Taupe.  A contemporary matt, embossed woodgrain finish adds to the authentic timber facade effect.

Unlike timber, Coastline is virtually maintenance-free, will not rot or warp and is pest and insect resistant. Its specially developed colour-coordinated and full powder-coated aluminium trims and end closers means installation is both quick and easy, with no wet trades or adhesives needed. Suitable for buildings up to 18m tall, it is BBA certified and fire tested in the UK by Exova Warringtonfire to conform to BS EN 13501 (Fire Classification for Construction Products).

EP1813CT Eurocell Coastline (2)Quick and simple to install, Coastline employs a simple interlocking mechanism that fixes to standard timber battens, with no membranes required, while co-ordinating aluminium trims and end closers, combined with silicone sealants in complementary colours; create the perfect finish in every installation, says Eurocell.

As the next generation of cladding, Coastline is both maintenance-free and less harmful to the environment than alternative cladding systems as it contains no organic material. This means it won’t absorb moisture, never rot, nor attract insects that could damage its fabric. Unlike cement boards, Coastline is lightweight, fade-resistant, 100% recyclable and will not release harmful silica dust when cut to length. Paint and preservative treatments contain volatile chemicals that are potentially environmentally harmful; yet Coastline will never need them – all it takes to bring it back to its best is the occasional clean with a garden hose.

And with issues around the supply of traditional materials such as bricks ongoing, building designers and contractors are increasingly seeking alternatives that are widely available in the UK and not reliant on imports. Coastline fits the bill perfectly.

“The growing interest in New England-style cladding means the time is right for Coastline. It delivers a contemporary aesthetic but its beauty is more than skin deep. Our new composite material ensures that the cladding will look as good in 10 years as it does at the time of installation, no matter how harsh the environmental conditions. For the contractor, it’s lightweight and the complementary aluminium fixing system makes the job far easier than handling heavier fibre-cement based boards, saving both time and money”, says Chris Coxon, Eurocell Head of Marketing.