Familiar Look To New Tekna 954 From Emmegi (UK)

Emmegi (UK) has extended its range yet again with the addition of another new CNC machining centre from its sister company Tekna.

The new TKE954 4 axis CNC machine replaces the existing TKE944 machine, which will be familiar to customers in the UK. It has a moving gantry and variable work zones and a dramatic new look thanks to the addition of a newly designed cabin complete with laser access control for optimum user safety.

If the styling cues on the new TKE954 look vaguely familiar, then it is probably because the head of the design team at Tekna had previously worked as a designer for a leading car manufacturer.

A striking new ergonomic techno-polymer safety cabin with large glazed areas gives operators better visibility as well as improved soundproofing, and a laser scanner provides more precise access control to the machine.

Like the 944, the TKE954 can drill, mill and machine aluminium and steel from any angle from -90° to +90°. It features dynamic pendular operation with two different operating modes. In single-zone mode it can machine bars up to 7m in one single working area and in double-zone mode it can work on multiple pieces in two separate, different sized areas.

A 12-piece tool magazine is integrated into the mobile gantry, which can hold a blade up to 250mm on an angular machining unit. A 21in touch monitor comes as standard with the familiar Emmegi/Tekna user friendly interface.

Ian Latimer, Managing Director of Emmegi (UK), says that by offering the Tekna machines in the UK, it is giving customers access to machines which are particularly good value and which fill specific gaps in the Emmegi range.

He says: “We can always make sure that a customer gets exactly the right machine to suit their needs and their budget, rather than just the best machine within a more limited range.”

More details are at: www.tekna.it and www.emmegi.com