FC Group Lights Up New Headquarters With Eyrise Liquid Crystal Glass

by | Nov 18, 2020 | Glass & Glazing

FC Group is lighting up its newly built headquarters with liquid crystal glass, combining innovation, user comfort and sustainability with extraordinary design.  

Looking to increase energy efficiencies with digitally controlled glazing at the six-storey FC-Campus complex in Karlsruhe, Germany, the building technology company partnered with Eyrise to install dynamic glass windows.  

Specially produced in a variety of organic shapes and in a distinctive blue colour, the windows provide instant solar shading that enhance occupant well-being.  

FC-Campus is the first office complex to be glazed with Eyrise dynamic glass. 

“Intelligent, switchable glass has allowed us to execute an ambitious building design requiring generous glazing with complex geometry that provides unobstructed views unimpaired by conventional sun protection elements,” said Dieter Brell, Creative Director at architects 3deluxe. “Eyrise was the only glass solution able to produce glass that exactly corresponded to our design intentions, and its immediate interactive dimmability via controllable liquid crystals has resulted in an elegant facade.” 

Comprising two white cubes set diagonally opposite each other, the FC-Campus buildings merge into one sculptural form when viewed from a distance. Large shimmering blue glass openings on every facade ensure employees benefit from a bright and inviting interior, with far-reaching views from every office. 

“The flexibility of dynamic glazing meant we were able to meet the project’s specific creative requirements,” said Celine Glipa, Managing Director at Merck Window Technology B.V. “Our team developed a bespoke coloured liquid crystal mixture that allows the glass to switch from bright to a striking bluish tint to follow the organic shapes of the glass openings. We supplied the newest generation of dynamic glazing in a variety of multi-faced shapes and incorporated a bird-protection printing pattern.” 

Licrivision technology enables the glass to darken and lighten instantaneously, providing immediate visual and thermal comfort. Natural light is preserved even when the windows are in a darkened state, so external views are retained. 

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