First Tekna 743 Vacuum Clamping Machining Centre Installed In Ireland

Limerick based Curran Aluminium is one of Ireland’s leading fabricators of windows, doors, structural glazing and façade systems. Operating in Ireland’s thriving commercial construction market, it has recognised that there are huge benefits to be gained in both quality and efficiency from being in control of as many elements of its own production as possible.

In line with that, it has just become the first company in Ireland to install a Tekna 743 vacuum clamping 3 axis machining centre from Emmegi, giving it the ability to machine its own flat sheets and flashings in-house for the first time. Previously, Curran bought in machined sheet for its fenestration solutions, but has now been able to end this reliance on third party machining, successfully integrating the process into its own factory.

The innovative Tekna 743 works by positioning sheet panels on a 6400mm x 2000mm worktable topped with air-porous Forex material. Vacuum technology sited underneath the table clamps the panels securely to it, creating a stable and unobstructed work area for machining across the whole panel or in pre-defined sections. Drilling, milling and cutting are carried out via a 12 or 19-piece onboard tool magazine, powered by a 10kW 24,000 rpm spindle.

The Tekna 743 machine was supplied by Emmegi (UK) which has been Curran Aluminium’s machinery partner for many years. The Curran factory already features, for example, Emmegi Precision TS2 and Combi Electra saws, Emmegi Phantomatic X4 machining centres and ancillary machines such as crimpers, notching saws, end millers and tape machines which are proven in use.

Jim O’Connell, Emmegi (UK)’s sales manager based in Ireland, advised the team at Curran Aluminium on their choice of the Tekna 743. He explained: “We have a close and long standing relationship with Curran and always work hard to understand exactly what they want to get from their machinery investments in terms of performance, efficiency and payback, so that we can make the right recommendation every time. We have access to a vast range of machine options from both Emmegi and our sister company Tekna, so we are always confident that we will have the ideal product available for any requirement.”

Curran Aluminium reviewed both laser cutting and water jet cutting alternatives before agreeing that the Tekna 743 was the best solution for its factory. Although this was the first installation of this model of machine in Ireland, Curran was reassured by the fact that a specialist engineer from Tekna in Italy was contracted by Emmegi to work alongside its own Irish engineering team and ensure that the installation went very smoothly.

Robert Rzpecki, the Operations Manager at Curran Aluminium, is already impressed with how the machine is performing, particularly with how easy it is to use and how quickly machining programmes can be set up via the intuitive graphical interface.

More details on the Tekna 743 are available via Emmegi are at: and Curran Aluminium at: