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From January 2016 FENSA Certified installers will be able to use free window and door energy efficiency ratings as part of their registration package.  It is totally voluntary.  All they have to do is Opt In, agree to the rules and be supplied by a BFRC registered fabricator.

These new window and door energy efficiency ratings are operated and independently verified by BFRC.  It is exactly the same as the existing BFRC scheme in terms of ratings, ratings bands, license scopes and windows and doors covered.  Labels provided will cover windows and doors rated ‘A++’ to ‘G’.

The only difference is these new labels are branded FENSA and will have their own marketing support.  These ratings will be marketed heavily at consumers in the second half of 2016 to raise awareness and drive consumer demand.

Existing BFRC Authorised Retailers can quickly and easily switch to be a FENSA Authorised Installer – by Opting In by emailing BFRC.

“This is the most exciting and radical promotion of energy efficient windows and doors since the launch of BFRC 10 years ago,” explains FENSA managing director Chris Mayne.  “This brings energy efficiency ratings to UK homeowners under the name of one of the most well-known brands in windows and doors.  We predict that it will vastly boost the numbers of installers using windows and door energy efficiency ratings to comply with Buildings Regulations and put the labels in front of many more consumers than before.”

The benefits of Opting In to FENSA Energy Efficient Windows and Doors Ratings for installers are:  an easier product to sell because homeowners understand and recognize energy efficiency labels; installers get their own labels; it is the easiest route to Part L compliance; a listing on BFRC website (the first port of call for homeowners searching for energy efficient product); consumer publicity support & recognition;  installers can source glass & frames separately; opportunities to upsell; technical & marketing support and advice.

Currently just over 53% of Part L compliant notifications are through window and door energy ratings.  The rest are by declaration of U-values.

“We expect to be reporting a big rise in WER based compliance by this time next year because of the launch of FENSA Energy Efficiency Windows and Door Ratings,” concludes Mayne.

The Opt In process for FENSA certified installers is to email the Operations Team on with their company name, registration number and name of their fabricator supplier.  FENSA will do the rest.




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