Generate Leads Today With New Software Tool From PST

by | Dec 6, 2023 | Software

Production Software Technology (PST), a provider of software solutions for the glazing industry, has launched a new lead generation tool to help conservatory installers gain valuable insights into customer engagement and trending products.

The new tool works in conjunction with vsHome AR, PST’s software solution that allows installers to share product designs with customers to view in augmented reality as either a life size representation on the side of their home or as a tabletop view through their smartphone or tablet.

Managing director Neil Travers explains: “When homeowners search online for conservatories or orangeries, their first port of call will be to visit installer websites to explore their available options. With our new lead generation tool, installers can place various product models on their website along with QR codes – once they find a model they like, potential customers can scan the corresponding QR code using the vsHome AR app.

“To access the model and view it in augmented reality, customers will then be required to create an account and input their contact information, which is verified by us. From that point forward, the lead generation tool will track every time customers interact with a model in the vsHome AR app, capturing data such as which model was viewed and their approximate location.

“This new lead generation tool allows conservatory and orangery installers to not only generate new leads, but to also gain valuable insights into customer preferences. By analysing this data through our internal database, companies can make informed decisions about product development and marketing strategies.”

In addition to providing valuable data insights with their new lead generation tool, PST offers an additional service where they can provide a bespoke version of their app with companies’  branding included, helping installers differentiate themselves from competitors by offering a personalised experience to potential customers.

Neil concludes: “We are thrilled to introduce our new lead generation tool for conservatory installers. By combining our vsHome AR app with the lead capture feature, installers can not only generate new leads, but also provide a personalised experience for potential customers. We believe that this tool will truly revolutionise how installers connect with their target audience and ultimately drive business growth.”

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