George Clarke Launches Revamped DGCOS At FiT Show 2019

DGCOS’ stand proved to be a hub of excitement at the FiT Show as the consumer protection organisation unveiled their new brand ambassador, George Clarke.

The celebrity architect and TV presenter was on hand to launch a new installer offering from DGCOS, as well as the organisation’s partnership with SureBuy, a new consumer-facing brand that provides homeowners with protection across the whole spectrum of home improvements.

George happily posed for selfies with fans while answering questions about DGCOS’ new offering, an offering which places emphasis on the added value that the scheme can bring to an installer’s tool kit.

“The FiT Show was the perfect platform to launch our new brand and offering, as well as being a great opportunity to meet current and prospective installers to get feedback on the rebranding of the scheme,” says George. “We were able to discuss what we can do collectively to increase trust among homeowners.

“I personally think trust is one of the biggest concerns in the industry. So many clients ask me ‘how do I know that I can trust this installer? How do I know that I can trust this company?’ Even my Nan regularly asks me who she can trust!

“Schemes like DGCOS give me, and my Nan, an easy answer to this question and this was what made supporting them a no-brainer. Not only do they offer the real deal in providing robust consumer protection, but they also provide the same level of protection and support for the installer – making it a win-win for everyone.

“The consumer is confident that they have the protection in place if anything goes wrong, and the installer is part of a scheme that strives to raise industry standards. It’s brilliant!”

Michael McGougan, Marketing Manager at DGCOS, says: “FiT Show 2019 was a huge success for us. We received a fantastic response from those who visited our stand about everything we have to offer. It was amazing to see how responsive installers are to what we are doing and how we can support them in growing their business.

“We see ourselves as an added value product, one that can help installers gain access to finance, reduce their cancellation rates and increase their sales conversion rates.”

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