Greater Efficiencies And More Web Traffic With The Consultancy

With over 30 years’ experience in the window and door industries, online solutions provider, The Consultancy, has partnered with some of the biggest brands in the sector to build websites, apps and lead generation tools. The company has now revealed some of the real results it has achieved with long-time customer Window Widgets and The Residence Collection, including greater efficiencies and increased web traffic.

“We chose to work with The Consultancy in the first place because we were aware that they had developed other platforms within the industry, and we were particularly impressed with them,” explains Sarah Hitchings, Sales and Marketing Director of both companies. “That was about 5 years ago now and we haven’t looked back! In that time, we have worked on 5 large scale projects; Window Designer, Residence Collection Trade website, Window Widgets website, the Residence Collection cloud and the Window Widgets cloud – the cloud is an online ordering system.

“It’s great working with The Consultancy, the team are very easy to get on with and their working knowledge and understanding of our industry specifically is a definite advantage. It means we can draft an idea without going into lots of detail because they understand the terminology and processes. It makes the projects so much quicker and easier to manage.

“Of course, it’s not just about making the experience a smooth one for us. The most important thing is the benefits we can offer our customers, and the feedback we have had from them is very positive. Both online ordering platforms have been very well received. In fact, within the first two months over 30% of our orders were coming via the cloud. That figure continues to grow each month as we switch customers over to it.

“The benefits we have seen as a business as a result of all of these projects has been far reaching too. We have gained huge efficiencies in our customer service department. The team are no longer an order processing team and can actually focus on customer service, which is so important for customer retention and maintaining confidence in us as a supplier.

“We have also received more enquiries through the Residence Collection Trade website for marketing materials and general technical information for example, which shows we are now more connected to our installer base. Since the launch of the new Window Widgets website we have seen a 50% increase in traffic to the site.

“We are thrilled with our ongoing relationship with The Consultancy and the tangible benefits we have seen as a business and on behalf of our customers.”

Richie Thornton, Director of The Consultancy concludes: “It’s fantastic to work with such collaborative and proactive companies as The Residence Collection and Window Widgets. That’s when we can really achieve results for customers – when they provide a good brief as to what they want but are willing to listen to our suggestions as well and trust in our experience and expertise in online solutions. We have a great working relationship with Sarah and her team, and this allows us to create innovative solutions that make a real difference. We look forward to continuing to work together to ensure the online presence of these companies delivers exactly what their customers need.”

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