Gripcore 2.0 Is Ready For Market

by | Dec 13, 2023 | Doors

DoorCo announced recently that version 2 of their premium composite door slab, Gripcore is being released in January. The product has a new core that has evolved into a revolutionary hybrid timber-foam core, according to the company, and is now ready for sale supported by a new suite of marketing materials, including a brand-new printed and digital brochure.

Ian Glenister, DoorCo’s technical and sales manager, tells us more about the new Gripcore door: “Moving away from a timber only core to achieve greater results in rigidity, security and energy efficiency, Gripcore’s core is now a hybrid of layered HDF plywood timber and PIR foam, compressed between two sheets of aluminium, an additional sheet of exterior grade plywood and finished with our signature 5mm GRP outer skins. The combination of foam and wood provides enhanced thermal capabilities and impressive strength, whilst the aluminium acts as a vital layer for protecting against moisture infiltration and extra stability. The result of bringing all these elements together is a one-of-a-kind, premium slab that delivers a low centre pane U-value of just 0.8.

“The futureproof engineering of Gripcore’s hybrid timber-foam core means it is stronger, more secure and more thermally efficient than solid timber core counterparts.”

DoorCo’s marketing manager, Ellie Pool, tells us more about the launch: “Gripcore 2.0’s high-quality and unique composition delivers all the USPs that you want from a door – stability, weather resistance, strength and style. Our network of fabricators is excited about being able to offer such a high-quality product in their composite door portfolios and so far, the feedback has been extremely positive.

“We’re ready to support our customers to bring this industry-first composite door to market with an updated collection of marketing tools. Central to this is a brand-new dedicated Gripcore brochure that has been designed to really bring this impressive door to life. There is key information about the product and its exclusive core, new AR models hosted on a brand-new Gripcore website, and some fresh new colour choices to help inspire the end user.

“The new brochure is already available digitally, with printed versions arriving for distribution in January. As with all of our brochures, there is the option to customise the design and the marketing team are on hand to help with this.

“Gripcore 2.0 is truly a one-of-a-kind door and a first for the UK industry. It’s a game changer for fabricators and installers looking to offer ‘premium’ and ‘energy efficiency’ in one composite door, and we’re really excited to see GRiPCORE 2.0 claim its place at the top of the premium door market.”

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