Growth In Aluminium Window Sales Delivers Even Bigger Savings On Gaskets

Rapidly growing demand for aluminium windows offers fabricators even bigger potential savings on gasket costs, according to Extrudaseal.

The gasket specialist says that volume growth in aluminium window sales seen last year, combined with forecasts for future growth, mean the savings delivered by buying-in gaskets from a third-party, rather than their systems company could save fabricators ‘thousands’.  

According Palmer, in the last year, aluminium window sales saw 26% growth in volume terms and installed value by 28%. The authors of the report attributing this to a combination of demand from high density urban development and growing end user demand. 

Paul James, Sales Director, Extrudaseal, said: “The growth seen in aluminium window sales in the last year has been huge. That’s something that’s forecast to continue through to 2020 and beyond with continuing demand from commercial sectors plus growing retail appeal.

“With those kind of growth projections, savings of 30-40% on your gasket cost, creates the opportunity to make some pretty substantial savings over what is forecast to be a long-term period of growth.” 

According to the The Window, Door and Conservatory Markets in Housing in Great Britain, by Palmer, aluminium as a whole saw 24% growth in the last year.

Going forward forecasts suggest it will remain one of the key drivers of growth for the UK window and door industry. It’s dominance in the bi-fold door market – accounting for 59% of market share in 2016 – is also tipped for continuing growth. 

Now extruding more than 10,000 km of gaskets in the last year, alongside weather seals, Glazepta tapes and U-channels, pressure plates, box sections and bi-folding door seals for leading systems, plus an extensive ‘back catalogue’ of extrusions, ExtrudaSeal serves fabricators and installers nationwide.

Paul continued: “We can offer fabricators savings but we can also offer them a far more flexible product offer. This includes, for example, colour-matched gaskets. 

“This is real selling point in aluminium window design. The gasket just melts away into the sightlines of the window and is a real point of differentiation. 

“Our strategy is two-fold. It’s about offering savings but also simply better products.” 

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