Haffner Murat Launches Revolutionary Opti-Weld™ Machine Technology

Fabricators wanting to take advantage of welding Aluminium and PVC-u without the need for corner cleaning or crimping should make a beeline for stand G10 at the FIT Show. It’s where fabrication machinery specialist Haffner Murat will be launching its latest patented machine technology, Opti-Weld™. Dave Thomas, Managing Director of Haffner Murat, said: “Opti-Weld™ is a patented method of welding PVC-u, Aluminium and wooden frames. The technology can weld a square in under two minutes in a range of materials. It’s a real game-changer in fabrication and I urge every fabricator to visit our stand at FIT to find out more.”

Haffner Murat, Opti-Weld™ is packed with valuable features that benefit the fabrication process. The first machine to use the new technology is the new DWM-027/40 Quad welding machine, claims the company,  which can also be used as a standard welding machine. Greater accuracy is assured with the 19 axis control servo driven operation and maximum weld strength is ensured with 100% welding surface on the adjoining PVC-u profile. There’s an automatic production mode and no pre-or post-weld cleaning is required, speeding up fabrication and reducing costs. All parameters and servo positions can be amended to suit up to 6,000 profile parameters and there is special tooling available for individual fabricator specifications. The system is operated with a 15” touch screen industrial PC with Windows 10 operating system and data transfer is via the network, USB or bar code scanning, ensuring Opti-Weld™ will fit into any production set-up.

Dave Thomas said: “We will have Opti-Weld™ technology on show at FIT where fabricators can see for themselves the difference it will make to their production processes. In an industry where lead times are vital, Opti-Weld™ is the difference the most ambitious fabricators will want.”

To find out the difference Haffner Murat could make to your business, visit stand G10 at FIT Show 2019.