Hipco: “DGCOS Is So Much More Than Consumer Protection”

by | May 28, 2024 | Viewpoint

Image Above: Hipco directors

Hipco Yorkshire Ltd is a long-standing member of the Double Glazing & Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS) who have recently started to make use of the wide-ranging installer benefits.

Leeds-based Hipco has over a decade of experience of installing windows and doors and delivering home improvement projects to the local area. They have built up a fantastic reputation that has earned them a score of 9.96 on Checkatrade*, and, says the company, almost 1000 happy customers since they were established in 2016.

As their tagline ‘Where Quality and Service Aren’t Just Promised, They’re Proven’ suggests, they cherish this good reputation and are dedicated to maintaining it by helping as many homeowners as possible create the home they have always wanted using the best possible materials, most trusted suppliers and at the most competitive prices.

This is where DGCOS steps in to help. Hipco managing director, Russell Wilkinson, explains: “During a routine telephone conversation with the customer service team at DGCOS, I happened to mention we were looking to grow our business and were exploring how to improve our website and share our fantastic reviews to a wider audience through PPC and SEO but were feeling out of our depth. I was told ‘Matt can help with that; I will get him to give you a call.’

“Matt Barnes, who is the head of digital transformation at DGCOS listened to what we were trying to achieve and offered us some fantastic advice, which really helped us understand what was possible and what we needed to do. Matt’s support didn’t stop there though, he joined a call with the provider we were working with to make the digital improvements and identify a few issues we might face. Off the back of this, we found the right supplier and are on track to achieve our objectives. Thanks to Matt, lots of time and money has been saved and we feel confident that we have made the right decisions for our business.

“We’ve been a DGCOS member for nearly six years and have successfully used their services, and at one point, we used their dispute resolution facility to help us deal with a tricky customer. DGCOS was fantastic, supporting both us and the consumer to find a solution and a positive outcome. Situations like this don’t happen often for us – we try very hard to make our customers happy and generally we can sort the issue out ourselves. But, it is great to know that the team at DGCOS are there if and when we do ever need them.

“I would call these the standard services that most members use. What we have never explored before is all the other types of support DGCOS offers its members as part of the standard fee. Truthfully, we’ve just been too busy getting on with the day job and not looking up, but how wrong we’ve been!

“Since working with Matt on the marketing side, we’ve started to explore where else DGCOS can support us so that we can get on with the day job better! As part of our growth plans, we’re looking for another fitting team and as many will appreciate, this has not been easy, so DGCOS has put us in touch with other installers in the area that have availability to see if we can work together.

“We’ve also been introduced to a new finance provider who offer us better rates, so we’ve managed to save some money and get a better deal for our customers.

“We’re now working together on some internal procedures to streamline operations and improve customer service. This has rolled into a new flyer highlighting our recommendations.

“As a consumer protection organisation, we already felt that DGCOS was adding value. Utilising all the other benefits as we have – and there’s many more to explore – at no extra cost, proves what fantastic value for money they are. I would definitely recommend them. DGCOS is so much more than consumer protection, they are a business partner that is committed to the success of your business.”

Matt Barnes says: “It is a pleasure to continue working with Russell and the team at Hipco to support their business transformation and growth efforts. The Hipco team are receptive to recommendations from our internal experts and external partners, and we are proud to work with our members to meet their objectives.”

Faisal Hussain, DGCOS chief executive concludes: “At DGCOS we want our members to see us as an extension to their business. We invest heavily in time and effort ensuring we’re supporting our members in any way we can, whether that’s through the knowledge in our teams like Matt has demonstrated, to organisations that offer more: Finance providers, consultancy firms, HR advisors, and recruitment.

“This story is a fantastic example of exactly how we want to work with our members and I am so proud that Matt and the wider team at DGCOS could help Russell and his team achieve their objective and grow their business.”



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