Installers Look To Maximize Potential As Restrictions Ease

by | Aug 9, 2021 | Training & Development

Business Pilot, the installer management tool, has held its’ first post-Lockdown customer training day.

Designed to help installers maximise job profitability and return on the exceptional levels of demand seen for home improvements, the event held at the start of this month [August], profiled the major efficiency gains that switching to a digital management tool can deliver.

This included everything from how digital tools can help installers to run installations more effectively and adapt to continuing disruption to supply, through simple drag-and-drop functionality, through to understanding how much money they’re actually making (or losing!) on each and every job, instantly.

Elton Boocock, Managing Director, Business pilot said: “It’s great to get a very successful event under our belts post-Lockdown.

“Despite everyone being exceptionally busy we had a great turnout, and I think we all appreciated meeting up in person rather than over Zoom?

“The day was about helping existing customers to get more out of Business Pilot by showing them additional capability that they might not yet be using but equally importantly to bring people together.

“Business Pilot is more than a software provider. We want to build a community where installers can share experience and best practice and to drive innovation collectively.”

Following introductions, the day was broken down into a series of workshops covering purchasing and finance; how to get the most out of Status Progression, Business Pilot’s solution for digitizing installers’ individual business processes; a masterclass in its drag and drop scheduling board, diaries and app to increase productivity; and sales Management, including how its Web to Lead tool can help installers to capture but also qualify leads, more effectively.

The final Session of the day, titled ‘Sneak a Peek’ also showcased the series of new developments which will be rolled-out by business pilot in the months ahead, including new email integration, which will allow installers to create and assign a unique email to each lead or job, automatically pulling in and creating a record of all email communications.

Ryan Schofield, Director, Business Pilot, said: “It sounds so simple but developing an email integration that actually works is incredibly complicated because you have so many different platforms and they work on different systems, so what you get coming in could be from outlook, Gmail, anything, and each are constantly being updated.

“We’ve created a solution which will allow our customers to assign a unique email address to each individual job which can be sent or responded to through Business Pilot or their own mail client but automatically pull each communication into their individual job record .”

The day also included customer feedback on the developments which they wanted to see going forward.

Ryan Breslin, Director, Business Pilot, added: “We wanted to share what we were doing and the development we have planned, but also to capture direct feedback from customers about where they want us to go next.

“Ryan [Schofield] and I are both from a retail installation background, we run our own retail businesses and use Business Pilot. We have a view on where it should go and what we’d like to see, but every retail and installation Business is different and will want to get slightly different things out of the platform, so their feedback is critical to where we go next.”

Business Pilot, which was launched in 2019, is the result of a collaboration between Cherwell Windows and Thames Valley Windows. It provides installers with precise data on everything from leads and conversions, to job scheduling, installation and servicing costs and financial reporting bringing data to the finger-tips of installers through an easy-to-understand dashboard in real-time data.

It’s holding a second event in Birmingham on 11th August. To find out more please visit

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