Integral Blind Market Growth

Integral blinds specialist IGU manufacturer HiTech Blinds has reportedl exponential market growth as installers look to add value and margin in a second time replacement market.

This follows the announcement that HiTech Blinds has achieved record 44% year-on-year growth, attributed by its Sales Director, Ian Woolley, to increased market share but also wider growth in demand.

“We’ve picked up business from competitors but there’s also been a more general market growth”, he explained. “That’s been driven by a number of factors. Integrated blinds are a natural fit with growth products including aluminium bi-folding doors where homeowners want minimalist design but still want privacy.

“And also, through their appeal in a second time replacement market as something tangibly different. We’re also seeing an emerging retro-fit market develop. Collectively its contributing to very significant market growth for HiTech and our customers.”

HiTech says this is backed up by figures from Palmer which highlights the importance of the second time replacement market, with 95% of UK homes already having replaced windows at least once by the end of next year.

HiTech Blinds offers integrated blinds in two sizes, a 16mm and a 20mm option, which means that they are suitable for use with triple glazing, Georgian Bars and slim 24mm energy efficient units, in addition to standard 28mm units. .