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by | May 14, 2021 | Doors

DOORCO says it is set to transform the market with the introduction of FLiP, their own revolutionary cassette system.  FLiP has a unique Foam in Place technology that delivers a superior seal, and three design options that include clean, modern profiles through to traditional bevels, offering aesthetic freedom never seen.

Dan Sullivan, DOORCO’s MD tells us more: “FLiP is the new glazing cassette system developed by DOORCO and made in the UK. It is an exciting development. Not only does it offer us greater control over the supply chain and guarantees for our customers, it also unlocks endless possibilities for door design.

“Contemporary homes reflect the architecture of today. Even in renovation, there is a massive shift in demand towards clean lines and stark minimalism. When it comes to doors, DOORCO are trailblazers in this arena with designer-led doors such as Monza II and Links. But to date, the lack of contemporary glazing options has restricted opportunity for further product development. Others have tried to solve this issue, but no new designs have been launched that have anywhere near the same qualities as the current bestselling traditional system, and there’s a reluctance from incumbent cassette manufacturers to make any substantial development investment.

“DOORCO is committed to innovation and thanks to our independently owned status, we are in charge of our own destiny. We felt it was time to address the glazing cassette problem. Working with innovative UK based designers and drawing on the DOORCO team’s experience and knowledge of the sector, we set about a considered and conscientious development process that has resulted in a range of door glazing cassettes that are more flexible, more practical and aesthetically pleasing.

“FLiP offers the freedom to choose the design, finish and colour to suit any style of house and make a unique statement. The three design options include clean, modern profiles through to traditional bevels, all with a low profile to fit nicely with the overall design of the door, so you can be:

  1. Traditional with Standard – the re-designed moulded option with a woodgrain finish,
  2. Eclectic with Flat Grained – squared-off flat profile with a woodgrain effect,
  3. Modern with Flat Stipple – squared-off flat profile with a smooth, stippled effect that matches Links.

“FLiP’s Through Colour Technology ensures a perfect match to the standard DOORCO colour range, or if you are looking for something bespoke, your choice of cassette and door can be painted together using our bespoke colour service.

“As well as being stylish, FLiP delivers on performance too. The revolutionary Foam in Place technology offers pre sealed outer frames delivering a superior seal, with structural connectors that are flexible to use with 24-26mm glass units and a unique tilting head that adjusts to the thickness of the glass. The innovative angled corner protector reduces corner flare and supports heavy units, with an optional component to insert for larger apertures for additional security if needed. Consistent components are installed with a simple click-together mechanism that requires minimal use of tools (just a screwdriver), resulting in a cassette that sits flush to the surface of the door. The cassettes are fully re-glazeable.

“FLiP has undergone extensive testing to ensure it is weatherproof and secure. Doorsets containing the system have been tested to BS6375-2015 and in accordance with EN1027. Furthermore, they achieved over 1000pa through the glazing aperture during weather testing. This is further supported by DOORCO’s 10-year warranty.

“For DOORCO, having our own cassette system is an exciting advancement that opens up endless possibilities for our customers. FLiP is available now from DOORCO in familiar shapes and sizes to suit our current range of door designs. But, as our doors are a canvas that is versatile and comes in all shapes and sizes, we now have the opportunity to explore how we can really take door design – contemporary, traditional and beyond – to the next level.”

To find out more about FLiP and to register your interest, please visit:

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