Jade Engineering Steps Up To The Mark For Royal Warrant Holder Selectaglaze

by | Jul 25, 2023 | Machinery

Image Above: Development of two of Jade Engineering bespoke punch tools, included input by the company’s operators.

Bespoke secondary glazing specialist and Royal Warrant holder Selectaglaze has continued its relationship with Jade Engineering with the purchase of two bespoke punch tools to process the company’s heavier-duty profiles. Designed to repeat precise operations with consistent accuracy, one of the tools is installed on a bench designed and manufactured to match the height of the company’s existing transfer tables.

Previous commissions by Selectaglaze included an initial single punch tool, followed by an end miller that replaced a previous machine from another source that became increasingly unreliable. All of the machines have been commissioned to continue the philosophy of head of production for Selectaglaze Duncan Saunders, who believes that high quality preparation during the early stages of production of the company’s secondary glazing, ensures consistent quality throughout the manufacturing process and even during installation.

“Selectaglaze is the UK’s leading specialist in the design, manufacture and installation of secondary window systems, with particular expertise in providing sensitive and effective solutions for historic and heritage buildings,” explained Duncan. “Precision is a crucial element in all of the processes of the company.”

Duncan, who had worked with Jade Engineering previously at other firms, is impressed by the company’s commitment from initial enquiry and overall support, to commissioning of the equipment: “Once again Jade Engineering didn’t disappoint,” said Duncan. “Suk Singh, Jade’s engineering technical manager, proved very knowledgeable and offered helpful technical advice in a process that also involved input from Selectaglaze operators from day one. This ensures that they are satisfied with the selection and how the chosen machinery makes their work easier and with consistently high quality.

“Jade’s team are proper engineers, hands-on, and service all the way through has been spot on with good advice, good knowledge. Service, machines and back up all excellent – we supply a specification and drawings of what we want to achieve and Jade designs the tools and machines around that. Drawings returned, samples sent and tested and when agreed, machines and tools supplied – a painless operation,” concluded Duncan.


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