’Jointing & Cleaning’

Members of QUALICOAT, from the pretreatment systems providers, the powder systems providers and applicators, all work very closely together under the 15th edition of the QUALICOAT Standard to ensure that architectural powder coating meets the highest standards for todays use in architectural applications. In order for the finished profiles to be made into windows, doors, roof lights and curtain walls, the material that leaves the applicator member needs to be cut and manufactured into to these products. It is this area of cutting and joining that the association now is looking at developing links with downstream associations to encourage quality methods of fabrication to sustain the powder coated finish..

On the rare occurrence of powder coating failure, the failure can be put down to inadequate pretreatment, this is an issue that QUALICOAT is very aware of and this process is something that each member is regularly third party inspected on and reported within the QUALICOAT association. The issue highlights the problem of not specifying a QUALICOAT applicator for architectural coating.

The association wishes to offer some form of guidance in the selection of adhesives and cleaners in the jointing process. Whilst the material may well be of high quality from a QUALICOAT application a poor selection of adhesive and a harsh cleaning agent could be responsible for an early onset corrosion over the jointing area. It is therefore imperative that systems companies recommendations of adhesive and cleaners are strictly followed to ensure coatings are not compromised in the jointing process.

The association hopes to have some guidance on this subject which will be published in combination with other UK associations in the coming months. For updated information about the use and specification of QUALICOAT in the UK and Ireland, please visit the UK & Ireland associations’ website at www.qualicoatuki.org