MACO Launch New Podcast – MACOnnect

MACO Door and Window Hardware (UK) have launched what the company believes to be the first fenestration podcast of its kind in the UK.

The first episode titled Adaptability sees the MACOnnect host Marketing Manager, Mark Enderby, interview the MACO UK managing Director Kevin Whiting.

As described in the opening minutes of the podcast Mark Enderby explains:

For this first episode of MACOnnect we wanted to cover the topic adaptability.To do so we are going to share an insight into how in the current situation we have to be adaptable to ensure we can support our partners and how over the last 30 + years how MACO have had to adapt our products and services to suit the needs and demands of the changing landscape.

“We will also be sharing some of the practices we are and will be putting in place for the short term to ensure we can continue to communicate with you, as well as, how the covid-19 pandemic has affected or even if It has affected MACO manufacturing and supply here in the UK.”

Marketing Manager, Mark Enderby said: ”A podcast is something we have been thinking about for a while now; we did feature on a couple last year on the run up to FiT SHOW with the Inspiring Exhibitors podcast which is hosted and created by Nichola & Steve Reeder. The feedback from our partners on these was positive. We wanted to ensure that when we did release the MACO podcast we have a strategy behind it with a long life plan ahead. We encourage those from across the fenestration industry to get in touch with any questions, topic ideas or indeed if they would like to feature on MACOnnect themselves. It’s important for us that this podcast is inputted by the wider industry as much as possible.”

If you would like to get involved or have any input you can e-mail mark at or indeed just search his name on LinkedIn to get in touch.

You can listen to the first episode of MACOnnect here: