Mila’s Prosecure Handle Gets Ultimate Endorsement

Mila’s ProSecure TS007 two star security handle has received what is probably the ultimate endorsement of its quality and performance, having been chosen by a specialist locksmiths company headed up by two ex-police officers.

SheffLOCK which operates across Sheffield and the South Yorkshire region, is now routinely fitting the Mila handle on more than half of its installations, giving customers the choice of either a one star or three star cylinder fitted alongside.

Ex police officers Kevin Hanson and his son Chris both had direct experience of investigating burglaries and advising householders on security prevention before they set up SheffLOCK with Chris’ brother Richard. They knew the importance of installing a visual deterrent in the battle against burglars, and identified the Mila ProSecure handle as providing the ideal combination of quality and value for their customers.

MILA340 The SheffLOCK team routinely fit the Mila 2 staf ProSecure security handle 3Kevin Hanson said: “I met many prolific burglars during my police career, many of whom told me they simply walked away from properties with effective visible security because they knew there would always be softer, easier targets nearby.

“At SheffLOCK, we always advise customers with a suitable door type to have a Mila high security handle with Secured By Design logo fitted, even if they are choosing a three star cylinder. The extra visual deterrent it provides is definitely worthwhile.”

SheffLOCK was established at the end of 2016 and is growing quickly across South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire providing proactive and reactive security services to householders at an affordable price.

Kevin Hanson added: “We provide a cost effective service to our customers because we are a high volume business, not because we ever compromise on the quality of our products or service.

“We choose only products which satisfy the Secured By Design accreditation we helped to promote as police officers, and which deliver the quality and performance standards we demand. The Mila handle, for example, comes with Kitemarked 2 star security and a 10 year guarantee to give us and our customers complete peace of mind.”

Mila’s ProSecure handle is suitable for use on both 70mm PVC doors and 44mm composite/timber door slabs. It is available in two backplate sizes and in six durable finishes including polished chrome and polished gold. It features an integral steel reinforcement plate with a deep drawn pocket feature to protect the cylinder from attack and an anti-drill disk in front of the cylinder to provide further protection.

SheffLOCK has been so impressed with the handle that it already has plans to supply and fit it as standard when it starts supplying complete composite doors to customers shortly.

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