Move Over Alexa – Meet NORA

Image Above: Mila has launched NORA to make ordering even easier for customers.

Move over Alexa – and meet NORA. NORA is the brand new online ordering system from Mila which makes it even easier for customers to place their hardware orders direct.

Customers can now choose to receive a personalised NORA order form from their Mila sales contact which is pre-populated with all the products they order most often. All they have to do is fill in the quantities they need of each of those products and send the form back to:

There’s no need for customers to check product specs or enter part numbers – NORA takes care of everything. They even get a confirmation email from NORA confirming exactly what they have ordered.

What makes NORA particularly clever is that the system always contains customers’ most recent product and price lists, so that every time a new NORA order form is generated, it is guaranteed to be completely up to date.

Mila thinks that NORA is a great addition to its sales department, but customers can be reassured that it won’t be replacing the internal sales team any time soon. Sales Director Vicki Sanders says: “Our friendly and knowledgeable team are still all available at the end of the phone to help them with any technical and ordering queries. NORA is simply a way for customers to place their orders easily and accurately at any time that suits them – day or night.”

NORA stands for Navision Online Response Automation and it links directly with the new Navision automated ERP solution at Mila which connects sales, purchasing, operations and invoicing functions to help deliver outstanding customer service and OTIF performance.