Novaseal – Going From Strength-To-Strength

In August this year, Fareham-based fabricator Novaseal, celebrates 20 years in business. Recently moving into much larger premises with the capacity to expand even further, Managing Director Gary Grundy, has ambitious plans for the business centred around growth in the glazed extension market. Indeed, recently switching roof system to Ultraframe is just part of his plan to strengthen his position as the ‘go to’ fabricator for glazed extensions. Gary Grundy shares his vision and explains why Novaseal is working hard to support its customers to deliver the broadest range of home extensions.

“In the last six months we have made a number of key changes to the business to ensure that we are on track to deliver our growth aspirations in 2018 and beyond. Moving to new premises was part of our plan to bring greater operational efficiencies to our business and that’s paying dividends already and certainly tees us up for the growth we anticipate over the next three years. The other major change we’ve made to the business is switching our roof system to Ultraframe.

“To put that change into context, we recognise that there is a sizable opportunity for us to support our customers in the home extension space. Quite often we provide a survey-service for our trade customers and over the last two years we’ve identified a significant shift in the aspirations of the home owner looking to extend their home. It’s not that long ago that the extent of our roof fabrication business was centred around the construction of a standard conservatory. Today’s home owner has come a long way from that and it’s not unusual for the home owner to present a ‘mood board’ for want of a better expression with the clear instruction – “I would like this”. More often than not, that extends to the integration of large spans of glass, internal pelmets, cornice, roof lanterns or part-solid, part-glass roofs – a far cry from the conservatory industry we knew ten, fifteen years ago. Hence, our switch to Ultraframe, delivering the most technically advanced and inspirational range of systems that match the needs of today’s home owner.

“The other investment we’ve made is the integration of a showroom at the new site. Going back to the point I made earlier, the very essence of Novaseal is about providing our trade customers with a complete end-to-end service and that also extends to the showroom experience. Many of our customers don’t have the luxury of their own showroom but we recognise that it’s important for them to be able to show a prospective customer examples of the type of extension they’re considering. For many home owners considering extending their home, at the back of their mind they’ll still be considering the traditional builder-route, for us, we want to be able to give our trade customers even further ammunition to be able to secure a sale, and there’s nothing more compelling than showing a customer the innovation that sits inside an Ultraframe roof!

“Our last quarter’s performance has smashed through anything we’ve seen in the last two years so we have every reason to be confident that these major changes at Novaseal are steering us towards our most successful year in business. What will further strengthen our position is giving our trade customers the knowledge, confidence and support to really maximise the home extension opportunity. We firmly believe that the switch to Ultraframe, with the support of a beautiful showroom, will give our customers the very best chance of securing profitable home extension jobs.”