‘On The Same Page’: Emplas Product Specification And Customer Support Guide

Emplas has launched a new edition of its Product Specification and Customer Support Guide, consolidating each and every individual element of its product and service offer into a single easy to use document.

The ‘encyclopaedic’ volume brings each and every element of window and door specification to the fingertips of its customers.

This includes guidance on specification and regulation from CE Marking to Part Q and WERs; down to technical detail on composite doors; window maximums and minimum widths; foils and even the technical specifications on ancillaries including trickle vents, variable angle bays and couplers.

The new Emplas Product Specification and Customer Support Guide also features Emplas’ BSI certificate of registrations, which can be used to evidence compliance with SBD, ISO9001, ISO14001 and other regulatory requirements.

It also includes a who’s who directory; guides to ordering; returned goods; guarantees; plus step-by-step guides on how to order through Emplas Window Designer Cloud System; how to use the Emplas Virtual Assistant (EVA); how to return product; and guarantee details.

“We have brought any piece of information and resource that any of our customers could ever want to access into a single place”, explained John Leary, Sales and Marketing Director, Emplas.

“There are so many times when you’re running a retail business that you need to check that little bit of information but digging it out from your paper filing system or most likely ‘bottom draw’, can cost you a huge amount of time.

“The Emplas Product Specification and Customer Support Guide brings everything into a single document. There’s no scrabbling about”, he added.

Leary explained that Emplas had decided to go down a paper in addition to a digital tool in response to customer demand for ‘hard copy’ documents.

“As a business we use a lot of IT from bar code tracking to online ordering but what we got back from our customers was that there was still demand for hard-copy documents”, he said.

This follows the findings of a detailed customer poll which found that more than two thirds of Emplas existing customers gave the trade fabricator a 9 or 10 out of ten for support and service, with 72% of respondents rating online ordering as ‘excellent’.

It, however, also revealed areas for improvement and that there was still demand among installers for hard copy reference material.

Emplas’ core offer is built around Optima from Profile 22 including Optima sculptured (QS) or chamfered (QC) finish internally, plus a flush casement option.

It’s available in 28mm glazing and supplied by Emplas as a WER A window as standard. Typical U-values start at 1.4W/m2K.

Ex-stock standard foils are available on lead times of 10 days or less including Cream, Anthracite Grey, Anthracite Grey on White, Black Brown, and Black Brown on White, in addition to White, Golden Oak and Rosewood.

In addition to its PatioMaster offer, Emplas also supplies the ALUK F82 aluminium bi-fold, while earlier this year, it also became the first manufacturer to supply a composite door with smart hardware as standard.

Leary continued: “We have one of the industry’s most comprehensive product and support offers. The Product Specification and Customer Support Guide brings that together in a single reference tool, used by us, and our customers.

“We’re literally and metaphorically on the same page, making communication simpler and more effective and improving service.”

For more information on Emplas visit www.emplas.co.uk