One Of The West’s Best Fabricators Launches Smarts’ Slimmest Bifold

One of the West’s best fabricators has become among the first to offer a ground-breaking bifold door.

For over forty years, Bristol’s West-End Windows has been at the forefront of fenestration in the region.

The respected business has decades of expertise in both uPVC and high-end aluminium – with an extensive product range that now includes the  Visofold 6000 door from Smarts.

“We’ve all seen how much the bifold boom has reshaped our industry over the past ten years,” comments the West-End team.

“End-users love their sleek looks, easy functionality and ability to bring the outside in, and the Visofold 6000 takes those attributes to the next level.

“When you’ve built up forty years’ goodwill as a business, you don’t risk that reputation with products that are anything less than the best – and the Visofold 6000 is the best bifold we’ve seen.”

With the slimmest sightlines of any Smarts product, the Visofold 6000 delivers the sort of uninterrupted glass aesthetic only usually found in patio doors, maximising light intake and offering unimpeded views.

But it also provides outstanding all-round performance – thermally-broken profile offers U Values of just 1.5, while its robust construction makes it the perfect option for even the largest project, capable of opening up an entire wall.

The V6000 is also fully compliant with the requirements of Building Regulations Document L 2010.

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