Onsite 7 Job Management Software Impresses B&P Windows

by | May 25, 2021 | Software

According to Onsite 7, the job management software has been gaining plaudits with installers due to the numerous benefits it can deliver to businesses. Justin Grafton-Holt, Managing Director of B&P Windows in Wakefield recently signed up to Onsite 7 and says: “I would urge any busy installer to take a look at Onsite 7.”

He explains: “We had been looking for software that would allow us to track appointments at the point of being made, all the way to service calls and every stage in between. Onsite 7 did this and more, all whilst remaining incredibly simple to use.”

Justin is also impressed with the peace of mind that Onsite 7 brings: “The features that allow installers and surveyors to take pictures and get customers to sign off at final survey and installation stage gives the installer that protection and peace of mind just in case they come across a rogue customer.”

Rhys Hoddinott, CEO at Onsite 7, said: “The management team at Onsite 7 are all experienced industry professionals and we designed the software knowing the realities of the job and what was required. We’re delighted to be seeing so many installation companies benefitting from it.”

Onsite 7 claims to add value at every stage of a job.

At the sales stage, installers can record their entire sales process from scheduling appointments to attaching quotes.

At the survey stage, information can be added quickly and easily onsite, so no details get missed off the customer record. And at the installation stage, teams can capture photos, videos and notes about the job, as well as obtaining customer ratings and legally binding signatures.

At the service or maintenance stage, teams can capture photos, videos, evidence and signatures proving that the service call was completed for total transparency.

The software can also be used as a Customer Relationship Management system, allowing all customer information, documents, notes and job information to be stored in a single place.

Onsite 7 will be at FENEX in September where installers can discover the benefits of using the software during the event. https://fenex.co.uk/attend/



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