Quickslide Invests In Well-Being Of Staff With 24-Hour Counselling Service And New HR System

As part of an ongoing commitment to ensure the physical and mental well-being of its employees, Brighouse-based fabricator, Quickslide, has announced a new BUPA Employee Assistance programme, as well as a new online HR and H&S system that will directly notify staff when they have been booked on to training courses and also allow them to manage their annual leave at a click of a button.

The BUPA Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a confidential mental health and wellbeing service that offers 24-hour counselling to all of Quickslide’s employees and any other individuals living in the same household, should they need it. Mental health awareness, and the ability to address personal or work-related issues, is a key priority for Quickslide as the company recognises that its staff are the most important element of the business.

In line with its employee wellbeing ethos, Quickslide’s new online HR and H&S system has also been designed to make it much easier to request and manage holidays and sick leave, access all personal documentation and skills data held by the company, as well as keep track of the latest training courses.

Quickslide’s Commercial Director Clare Lumb commented: “We’ve introduced the new BUPA Employee Assistance Programme because, primarily, we’re a people business and the well-being of everyone that works at Quickslide is of the utmost importance. By increasing awareness of mental health issues and putting measures in place to address them, we are not only living up to our responsibility to ensure that our staff are happy, but we also make the most of their potential, which in turn results in an increase in productivity.”

“Our new online HR and H&S system has also been introduced to make life easier for everyone at Quickslide,” continued Clare, “As well as simplifying the process of requesting leave and recording sick days, it allows us to properly manage absence and implement careful holiday planning to ensure that the business is rarely undermanned. One of the other main reasons we decided to proceed with the new system is the extensive library of training courses that it offers our staff,” Clare continued.

“Senior management can quickly and easily assign training courses to employees as the need arises. For instance, within the first three months of implementing the system, all our employees were required to undertake a manual handling course to ensure that they were aware of the latest principles and practices of manual handling in the workplace.

“With this new system, we can ensure that the right employees are armed with the right knowledge, when they need it,” Clare concluded.