Rapierstar’s Fastener Expertise Supports VEKA’s Testing And NPD

Specialist fastener supplier Rapierstar is helping VEKA’s technical team and its fabricators to create the most robust and operationally reliable new windows and doors, by becoming an exclusive supply partner for its UK Technical Workshop in Burnley.

The Technical Workshop is a vitally important facility for VEKA and fabricators of its profile systems, allowing for indicative testing to be conducted on a wide range of customer window and door prototypes, as well as for VEKA’s own new product developments. As the workshop’s exclusive partner for fasteners, Rapierstar now provides window and door screws for all the prototype windows built by VEKA engineers, and it is providing expert technical guidance on fastener selection and application to any VEKA customer who is seeking to optimise their test outcomes.

Rapierstar’s support for the VEKA Technical Workshop strengthens its long standing relationship as a supply chain partner for fasteners. It has worked closely with VEKA since 1998, providing technical advice to help address common fastener issues and ensure fabricators deliver the best possible result with the finished window or door. This information is readily available in Rapierstar’s Recommended Fixing Manual (RFM) for VEKA profile systems, which can be downloaded at www.rapierstar.com.

Dave Jones at VEKA PLC said: “A window or door is only as good as its weakest link and all too often the importance of the humble screw is overlooked when testing for air and water tightness or enhanced security under PAS24. That’s why we ensure all our prototypes are built using the most suitable fasteners throughout, and we encourage our fabricators to adopt the same approach.

“Rapierstar’s support for our Technical Workshop helps us achieve consistency in our NPD programme and maximise the chances of testing success. More broadly too, it gives our fabricators access to their technical expertise whenever they need it – it’s a partnership that should ensure the fastener is never the weak link.”

Paul Balfe, Technical Consultant at Rapierstar, added: “We’re often approached by customers who are working on a new product for testing, or those who have experienced difficulty in achieving the performance required to pass a test, to investigate whether different fastener choices could make a difference. Supporting VEKA in this way is, therefore, a great way for fabricators to access our fastener advice and guidance at an early stage and avoid future – and potentially costly – setbacks.”

Find out more about Rapierstar at www.rapierstar.com